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Thames Park Secondary School

Opening September 2020

Welcome to Osborne
Co-operative Academy Trust

We are a Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust, with ten member schools within the Essex area.

Our vision is for a global community of values-driven individuals who flourish together

By working together through mutual co-operation, we are transforming our schools into places where students can feel safe, be inspired, learn how to study effectively, and most importantly, how to define and achieve their personal goals.



The Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust is taking every precaution to protect our staff and students throughout all of our schools during the Covid-19 outbreak.

In line with government guidance, our schools have remained open to provide childcare for key workers children and for children who are vulnerable. Essential health and safety provisions have been put in place to ensure that all individuals who visit the school are safe. Additionally, we have ensured that all of our schools have provided a high standard of work for pupils to complete at home that falls in line with the national curriculum.

As always, it remains our main priority to provide as much support as possible to all pupils and staff to help everyone get through this challenging time.


St. Cleres