Baroness Smith visit

On Friday 24th November 2017, Baroness Smith of Basildon visited Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust in her role as our Honorary President.

The visit had been organised to celebrate nineteen members of staff in our Trust who were presented  with a Platinum Award for more than 30 years continuous service in education. They are:

Christine Mitchell Arthur Bugler Primary School
Paul Adamson Brentwood County High School
Paul Callow Brentwood County High School
Dawn Bradley Brentwood County High School
Mary Winn East Tilbury Primary School
Nicholas Davies St Clere’s Secondary School
Elizabeth Grundy St Clere’s Secondary School
Peter Margiotta St Clere’s Secondary School
Marilyn Meadway St Clere’s Secondary School
Gary Rainer St Clere’s Secondary School
Joseph Solis St Clere’s Secondary School
Joy Leader Stanford-le-Hope Primary School
Joseph Parker Stanford-le-Hope Primary School
Jane Thomas Stanford-le-Hope Primary School
Beverley Allinson Thameside Primary School
Lynne Billinghurst Thameside Primary School
Manjee Virdi Thameside Primary School
Paul Griffiths Central Trust Staff
Andrew Pearson Central Trust Staff


We are proud that as a co-operative organisation we continue to value continuous service and look forward to the Trust conference later this term when our Bronze, Silver and Gold long service award winners will be recognised.

This visit was an opportunity to share with Baroness Smith that following the passing of the Trust’s founder Mr Ray Osborne we are in the process of changing our name to the ‘Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust’. While Baroness Smith caught up on the significant success of our Trust in 2016/17 she also took part in a tree planting ceremony at St Clere’s Secondary School in memory of Mr Ray Osborne. St Clere’s School also asked Baroness Smith to unveil a plaque in the refurbished community sports facilities, which are now called “The Osborne Sports Complex”.

The CEO Mr Paul Griffiths said “Baroness Smith has supported our work since her days as a local member of parliament. She is always keen to learn about how this co-operative academy trust is positively impacting on school improvement in this community. All our primary schools are now Good and St Clere’s Secondary School has gone from strength to strength and is a beacon of excellence in this region.”