More Able – Malice in Wonderland


“St Clere’s has once again become Wonderland and hosted a fantastic English enhancement day for the gifted and talented  year 5 students from the Osborne Trust  primary schools. Students entered Wonderland (St Clere’s School) expecting to have a party only to be taken to prison! During their incarceration pupils met a host of lively prisoners who recounted why everybody in Wonderland has been put behind bars. It appeared as if the Queen of Hearts has become the Queen of Heartless after a mysterious stranger broke her heart. Various famous heart breaking scenes were recreated for the students to explore such as Miss Havisham’s table in Great Expectations and Richard III’s villainous speech in order for students to piece together what traumatic events the Queen had witnessed to lose her heart. Students were charged with the duty to convince the Queen to love again using powerful literature. Miss Buckingham a more able coordinator and English teacher in the Trust organised the day which the student thoroughly enjoyed.  This is just one in a series of enhancement days designed to enthuse students in their education.”


Miss Pip Buckingham

More Able Lead