Tanvir Ahammod, Trust Network Manager

Katrina Assitzoglou, Chief Finance Officer

Aimee Bray, Trust Strategic Lead

Mary Brice, Family Liaison Manager

Ala Byrne, Trust Finance Officer

Ravi Chagger, Trust IT Consultant

Georgia Childs, Trust Recruitment Officer

Janet Clark, Chief Operations Officer

Louise Coates, Executive Headteacher

Joanne Comber, Trust Education Welfare Officer

Kate Draper, Trust Secretary

Ellie Gibson, Senior Trust HR Officer

Laura Girling, Trust HR Officer

Paul Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer

Louise Guy, Director of Human Resources 

Trina Hilliard, Senior Trust HR Officer

Andrew Hook, Consultant Headteacher

Ashlie Hughes, Executive Headteacher

Shariar Khan, Trust IT Technician

Forida Latif, Trust Support Officer

Paula Lomas, Chief Finance Officer

Jane March, Trust Finance Assistant

Kirsty Mullem, Trust Senior Finance Officer

Julia Oakley, Trust Education Welfare Officer

Andy Pearson, Trust Network Manager

Chloe Petchey, Trust Support Officer

Theresa Polston, Trust Facilities and Policy Manager

Nicola Randall, Trust HR Officer

Dave Richardson, Project Manager ICT and GDPR

Lucy Ringshall, Trust Finance Assistant

Holly Roberts, Trust Senior Finance Officer

Abbie Stonehouse, Trust Recruitment Officer

Nicola Townshend, Interim Deputy Headteacher


Our Headteachers:

Louise Coates, Executive Headteacher 

Ashlie Hughes, Executive Headteacher 

Kam Bains, Headteacher of Thames Park Secondary School

Fiona Bates, Head of School at East Tilbury Primary School

Debbie Bradley, Head of School at Horndon-on-the-Hill C. of E. Primary School

Joanna Bray, Headteacher of Thameside Primary School

Ian Broyd, Headteacher of Warren Primary School

John Bryant, Headteacher of Arthur Bugler Primary School

Jay Callender, Head of School at St Clere’s Secondary School

Russell Davies, Head of School at Doddinghurst C. of E. Junior School

Lisa Glandfield, Headteacher of Stanford-le-Hope Primary School

Sarah McHugh, Headteacher of Little Thurrock Primary School

Laura Spencer, Interim Headteacher of Bonnygate Primary School

Margaret Ryan, Headteacher of Brentwood County High School



Jeff Howson, IT Consultant

Patrick Shevlin, Education Consultant

Malcolm Willis, Education Consultant